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Your Constellations

The constellations below were sent in by students like you! Each one has the constellation's stars (from the SkyServer notebook). Click on "Navigate" to see the star in the Navigation tool. Each constellation also has a picture (from SkyServer) and a story about how it became a constellation.

Send us your new constellations, and we'll put them up here!

3rd Grade
North Lake Park Community School
Orlando, FL

Amanda S.
The Butterfly

SkyServer Notebook

type ra dec  
STAR 164.281254 5.557861 Navigate
STAR 164.327223 5.543967 Navigate
STAR 164.308357 5.455307 Navigate
STAR 164.290874 5.490188 Navigate
STAR 164.331752 5.454843 Navigate
STAR 164.348096 5.460092 Navigate
Butterfly constellation

The butterfly can live almost any where like the Amazon River and jungle. The butterfly has different color wing patterns. Also butterflies are really beautiful. Some butterflies are poisonous. Some butterflies are really cool because they can blend in. That is how the butterfly became a constellation.


Joshua W.
The Snake

SkyServer NoteBook

type ra dec  
STAR 201.10093 2.659161 Navigate
STAR 201.11953 2.653539 Navigate
STAR 201.137679 2.664345 Navigate
STAR 201.165447 2.65139 Navigate
STAR 201.17258 2.662156 Navigate

Snake constellation

I like water snakes because they swim a lot in the water. Also I like water snakes because they fight with other water snakes and you don't know who is going to win. And I like water snakes because they catch their pray in the water. This snake became a Constellation because it helped other snakes and became the greatest snake in the world.


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